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Toby Wright

Taummhoms Founder & Producer

Hi there. My name is Toby Wright and I’m a Grammy Award winning Record Producer, mixer, engineer of the multi-platinum records for Alice in Chains, Metallica, Korn, Motley Crue, The Wallflowers, 3 Doors Down, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Stone Sour, among others.

I started Taummhoms after having a series of literal dreams that helped me find a path to my own healing. The following is going to sound a bit wild but bear with me.

Back in 2005 I was in a car accident that led to upper spinal nerve damage, numbness, and a burning sensation in my right upper cranial area. My right eyelid started drooping and so I was seriously searching for help. After dozens of doctors appointments, of both Eastern and Western practices, too many prescriptions, and not enough answers, I decided to do more on my own.

Okay, so, this is where it gets whacky. It wasn’t until I started having this recurring dream—that would only progress after I’d write down what happened the night before—that I started to find answers to help soothe my pain and discomfort.

Long dream-story short I found myself in a healing “treatment” setting (during these dreams) where I was introduced to a conglomeration of sine waves at different specific frequencies, blended in a certain way as to promote restoration of the mind and body. Inherently, I knew this is what was happening to me, as the dream doctors worked their sound healing therapy on various pain points.

After waking up I was so intrigued. I needed to try to find out what those sounds were. So, I researched thousands of documents and hundreds of websites on sound healing and all its related fields and came across some amazing findings. With all that research, I went into my studio to experiment. Thanks to my profession, I had access to any gear I might need.  

Successfully, I was able to recreate the sounds I heard in my dreams and to-date, I have 19 different titles aimed at specific themes in those dreams. I also have a great percentage of the feeling back in my scull, right side of my body and right arm. I dreamt it, heard it, and then recreated every single one.

I knew I needed to share these healing sounds with the world and thus, Taummhoms was born.

Jason Sakowski

Taummhoms President and Director of Operations

Jason here! I’m a life-long entrepreneur specializing in executive management within the music industry, and founder of 38 Entertainment, Inc.

I’ve had the great pleasure of touring with platinum and multi-platinum selling artists such as Nickelback, Theory Of A Deadman, Three Days Grace, All American Rejects, and Hoobastank—working with breaking and developing bands in the early stages of their global success.

After meeting Toby, through our mutual work on 3 Doors Down, he shared his dream story and vision for bringing sound healing to the world. I was immediately enthralled and jumped on board to help bring Taummhoms to life.

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