How to Use Taummhoms?

Taummhoms Refresh, Restore, Revive

How to use Taummhoms?

Taummhoms Refresh, Restore, Revive & Lullabies Instructions

Purpose: To help calm anxieties and to assist in peaceful uninterrupted sleep, while allowing the body to restore itself to a healthier state.

* While listening to any of the Taummhoms series, do not drive or operate any machinery.

For best possible results:

  • Choose a calm quiet environment where you can lay back and relax
  • Put headphones on and set volume to low; the volume should be just loud enough to hear the beating of the bottom end frequencies
  • Do not focus on what you are hearing, it should be regarded as sounds in the background
  • Let Taummhoms do its thing

Special Notes

If headphones are unavailable, set your speaker volume to the same level you would set your television to if you were trying to fall asleep.

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